welcome little one

We combed through the wide offer of baby care products in search of the best products with cute packaging that are fun to give as a gift. And that deemed harder than we thought. So we decided to make our own. We wanted to launch a pure and natural baby care line with products that are great gifts, produced by a Dutch manufacturer. After many meetings, trail and errors, sketches and designs, Tiny Humans was born: a baby care product line made with natural ingredients and packaged as the sweetest gift. Tiny Humans welcomes every little human to the world with love and care: welcome little one.

Tiny Humans baby care products - full range

making life lovely

Tiny Humans is the latest brand of Judith and Nikki, two moms of a total of seven kids, and founders of A Little Lovely Company. With her products, A Little Lovely Company wishes to make every day a little more lovely. In a few years’ time, this company grew from a startup to a global wholesaler. With the addition of Tiny Humans, A Little Lovely Company’s collection will spread even more loveliness. Making life lovely.

dutch design

Made in the Netherlands, that’s Tiny Humans. Our products are entirely Dutch: designed, made and distributed in The Netherlands. This also means that all our products meet the high European standards.

Tiny Humans dutch design